Special importer for chestnuts

Special importer for chestnuts

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Image Chestnut flour, the gluten-free alternative for persons allergic to wheat and grain.

It used to be food for poor people from the Mediterranean area,but now it can be found in delicatessen stores.

With our website we want to give you the inducement to use a natural and healthy product.

NEW! Chestnut flakes (kbA) are extra compliant and very helpful for deacidification. Enjoy our chestnut flakes in cereals, in soups or simply as a snack!

We gladly send samples of this innovation to bulk consumers!.

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Chestnut flour, the gluten-free alternative for persons allergic to wheat and grain.

The nuts have a high content of the carbohydrates starch and saccharose. The high content of sugar together with the high water content of fresh fruits makes them perishable. The high content of carbohydrates distinguishes the chestnuts from most other nuts which predominantly contain fats.

Chestnut flour contains protein free of gliadin and glutenin. That is why chestnut flour is only capable for baking with other sorts of flour. The content of for people essential amino acid is high. The protein content is higher than in potatoes, but lower than in grain.

The percentage of fat is low, but it has a high proportion of linol- and linolenic acid (550–718, respectively 78–92 mg per 100 g fresh mass[3]). The potassium content is high, the sodium content is very low (9 mg per 100 g fresh mass[3]). The nuts contain only two vitamins in a larger quantity: riboflavin (B1) and nicotine acid (B2), which are also temperature-stable.

Source: WIKIPEDIA – the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia in more than 100 languages that enyone can edit.

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